About Chumayo Spa

Chumayo is housed in a historic building originally constructed in 1912, after the Great Blue Lake Fire. It has been home to various taverns over the years. Many people danced to great rock and roll music and drank heartily from the bar of "Walt's Friendly Tavern" until it closed its doors in the 1980's.

Artie Skeeter, a building contractor, purchased the building in 1986, remodeled it, and manufactured fold-down ironing boards in his Blue Lake Woodshop. In 2002, Artie and his wife, Julie Jonté, remodeled again to create Chumayo Spa.

Julie Jonté is a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She has extensive experience working with the elderly and ill, as well as healthy people of all ages. The spiritual aspect of massage is an integral part of Julie's practice.

About Blue Lake

Blue Lake is a small, rural town situated in the Mad River Valley on California's beautiful North Coast. It is a short, scenic drive from nearby Arcata and Eureka. Blue Lake is well known for its river fishing and swimming and its sunny climate. Visitors may enjoy hiking along the river or riding bikes to the Mad River Fish Hatchery.

Other Blue Lake attractions include the Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre, the Mad River Microbrewery, Stardoughs Café, the Blue Lake Museum, and the Blue Lake Casino. The Blue Lake Grange Hall serves breakfast every third Sunday of the month. Humboldt County's beaches, rivers, forests and cities offer many attractions to visitors.

Chumayo Spa
120 H Street
P.O. Box 191
Blue Lake, CA 95525

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